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Half Marathon Training Schedules For Beginners

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The World Marathon Majors include the top 5 races and include Boston, NYC, Berlin, Chicago and London. The advantage of doing one of these races as your first is that they offer so much more than you'll get at many of the smaller races. For starters all of these races give out free information and often run training groups and seminars on how to train for a marathon the right way.

First Marathon Training Method

As for the race itself, the
advantages of doing one of the majors is the huge crowd support and slick race organization.

These races are the best, and largest, in the World so they're run like well-oiled machines. From the moment you sign up everything is laid out for you and explained clearly so that you know exactly what to do and when. This is important because the last thing you want to think about in your first marathon training is annoying details, like where do I start? are there toilets? How many drink stops and other logistical nightmares like that.

The second reason why doing a big race first is a good idea is that
you'll be part of a huge atmosphere, from both fellow runners as well as hoards of cheering spectators, which will be highly motivating. You'll really be a part of something special and might even make some new friends.

Of all the training aids, there's no substitute for lines of people cheering you on to keep going. If you decide to do a smaller race sometimes you'll literally be running alone. Trust me this is not a good thing on your first race!

First Marathon Training (Half)

There are
four major areas of focus on when training for a half marathon and they are; your running schedule, equipment, marathon diet and mental preparation.

A crucial mistake which so many newbies make is to only focus on the running training, more specifically searching Google for a free running plan. By neglecting the other essential parts of the training you're setting yourself up for failure. A professional half marathon training schedule for beginners will cost you under $50, so not your most expensive part of training, so is well worth the investment.

First Marathon Training

First Marathon Training Plan

No matter whether you're
training for a half marathon or going straight for the whole hog, it's important to get a good quality marathon training plan. This site is all about helping you find the best marathon training programme.

We're continuously reviewing new and revised training guides and update our Top 10 list monthly based on sales statistics and feedback. With your first marathon training the more information you can get the better! There's so much terminology, theory and history to read and take in and it's really what you need to do when approaching this task.

First Marathon Training Tips

Probably the
best advice anyone will give you, in terms of your first marathon training, is to make sure that you choose to do one of the World's best marathons.

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